M2 is a high-speed steel suitable for cutting tools such as, twist drills, broaches, taps, milling cutters, reamers, saws, knives etc.
In terms of performance, M2 is an all-round steel to be used in cutting conditions where demands for hot hardness are moderate.  The term hot hardness is understood as the ability of the steel to retain its hardness even at elevated temperatures.
M2 is also suitable for cold work applications, e.g. in tools for punching, forming and pressing, etc.  The steel possesses an admirable combination of wear resistance and toughness and in these respects is superior to the high alloyed cold work steels.



M2 is medium-alloyed and has a good machinability.  The composition of M2 makes for a good combination of toughness and hardness.  By virtue of these well-balanced properties M2 has come into very wide use for all cutting tools.