C* Cr Mo W V
0.90 4.20 5.0 6.40 1.80

AISA M2, W.Ne.3343, SI 6-5-2, DM05, SS 2722, ISO S4, JIS SKH51, AFNOR Z85WDCV 

CONDITION AS    Soft-annealed   Max 260 HB
AS SUPPLIED Cold Drawn Max 300 HB
Cold Rolled Max 310 HV

* Strips C 0.85 %

M2 is a conventionally manufactured high-speed steel.  The various stages of the manufacturing process are chosen and controlled so that an end product is obtained with a good structure in terms of carbide size and distribution.  This is a distinct advantage for the finished tool.

M2 is characterized by

    all-round applicability
    good machine-ability
    good performance